An interesting morning.

I went out to let the ducks out and saw a critter in the pen that should not have been in there: a possum!  Great I thought to myself.  No wonder why I haven’t been getting eggs.  I don’t know how it got in there.  I am lucky he hadn’t started dining on ducks.  I could have opened the door and shooed it out, but if it got in there once (or more times) he’d be back.

I considered calling Red to see if he’d come and shoot it, but he doesn’t answer his phone and it might have been a while before I could catch him.  So I called Marcus.  Glad I kept his cell phone number.  He agreed to come over.

He shot the possum and tossed him over the fence for me.  Then we talked about stuff.  Like what we used to do.  I showed him the goats and he was impressed.  We talked about feeding them to increase milk.  Then I asked him if he knew anyone who might be in the market for a Border Collie puppy.  He said he was going to buy his son a puppy for Christmas.  I showed him Esme and he said she’d be a perfect present for his son.  They’ve always been impressed with Gel and Fern’s work.

It will be a great home for her.  She’ll be brought up to work their sheep.  I really am not in the mindset to bring up a puppy right now.  So as long as Marcus makes good on his word, which he should, Esme is sold.

Again, funny how things happen.