On Division

My view from the milk stool today is about division. Y’all know it’s going on – at least anyone who looks at Facebook even on a casual basis and is not blind sees it. 

If only division could be as simple as the fact that you can’t bake bread in the same room as cheese is fermenting. The only time cheese and bread get along is when the cheese and/or the bread are in their edible form. If you have cheese fermenting and bake bread, the yeast in the bread causes the cheese to turn into Sponge Bob. Not cool. When that happens, it becomes dog food or goes in the compost.

Bread and cheese are very divided in their processes and opinions on whose yeast is more important. It’s unfortunate that they can’t realize that bread and cheese taste really good together and if they could just get along, everything would be fine.

That’s a shame really, but it is what it is. I made focaccia bread yesterday – it came out beautiful. I topped it with some of my wonderful feta. The two pots of cheese are now Sponge Bobs. I started two more batches of cheese last night and put them in a separate room. I’m not sure yet which way they’ll turn, so far, so good. I just sterilized the two pots the Sponge Bob cheese was in and will start two more batches this morning and hope for the best.

The division that is now apparent in the mask mandate and the #Blacklivesmatter business is horrific. People need to take a chill pill. There’s absolutely no question that this country has a horrible history of racism and it needs to stop. As far as a mask is concerned, grow up people. It’s not like anyone is asking you to glue a mask to your face and leave it there permanently. The amount of time that anyone needs to wear a mask in NC is minimal. 

It’s not like you’re being asked to wear a muzzle, but I do believe there’s a lot of people behind their keyboards at this very minute who should be required to wear one.

There’s liberty and freedom and there’s cooperation and empathy. Someone there’s a really strong disconnect between these concepts. I for one haven’t been wearing a mask and I admit that’s really negligent on my part. I’m embarrassed by that. That’ll change and perhaps more people will come in line with this thinking and maybe, just maybe, we’ll start to see COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths decrease. 

Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Until later …