Falling off the milk stool

My view from the milk stool is on falling off the stool, brushing yourself off and getting back on. I’m very sensitive – does that surprise you? All that’s going on – both in the world, my community and my own realm get to me – more so than maybe it should. Me thinks I just don’t work hard enough. 

So anyway. I pulled up the tomato plants that weren’t doing well and the plan is to try to grow them in buckets up near the barn. I ordered a variety I’ve grown before – Matt’s Wild Cherry. It’s an amazing plant that grows tiny tomatoes that are packed with flavor. It’s about like picking blueberries, but like blueberries, well worth it. They have pretty short (for tomatoes) maturity date – 55 days and will keep going longer than other varieties.

I took a day off from making cheese and cleaned up my area really good. For days now I’ve had pots and jars full of milk, cheese in molds draining. Now I have just two jars fermenting. I’m excited again about making cheese.

I put the goats on once a day milking. That is a huge relief. It’s hot, they aren’t producing near what they were two months ago and they do fine on once a day milking. That means less milk so now my phone will start to ring off the hook with people wanting milk. Too bad.

So let’s stay how long I stay on the stool before falling off again. Want to take bets?

Until later …