On learning Spanish

I haven’t posted a view from the milk stool in some time now because I haven’t spent much time on the milk stool. I slowed down on milking and the goats, at least most of them, are drying off. This is earlier than I did last year but I was given a gift recently that is sapping all of my spare time.

The degree program that I’m enrolled in at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro requires four semesters of a foreign language. This is a completely online program. Learning a foreign language online when you’re a really old lady is horrendous. The one Spanish course I took ruined my 4.0 GPA. That was devastating to me.

The program offered a potential solution. You take a language, literature and culture course and go through a whole bunch of online modules. Once you finish the modules, you take the placement exam and if you pass it, the foreign language requirement is waived.

I took the course and started the modules two semesters ago, but soon realized that modules or not, I wasn’t going to be able to pass out of an intermediate Spanish placement exam so I stopped doing them. I got an A in the language, literature and culture class though.

Two weeks ago, an email from the teacher of the class arrived in my in box. It said if a student gets through all of the modules – which are A LOT of work – and takes the placement exam *for data collection purposes* the foreign language requirement would be waived.

I read it and wrote back to the teacher questioning the data collection purposes portion – did that mean that I didn’t need to *pass* the exam. Yep. WOW! What a gift.

There are a TON of modules. I’m making my way through them. I got help last Saturday from a friend with the more difficult portions. The end is in sight. I’ve got to get through five more Boomalang conversations – you spend 15 minutes on the phone with a native Spanish speaker basically being made to look like a complete idiot. I’ve got two more units to go through on Mongo (an online language tool). Then I get to look like a real idiot with taking the placement exam.

But that’ll mean, if all goes well, that I don’t have to take any more foreign language unless I want to. I’d truly love to learn Spanish and maybe some day I will, but I’d really like to graduate with what is now a 3.98 GPA. Then on to a master’s degree.

Until later …