A return to the milk stool

My view from the milk stool – Remember this from last year? The milk stool has been dusted off as have the milk stands. We’ve got eight does in milk this year, six of whom are raising babies so they aren’t completely supplying milk for us (and y’all if so chose). My two biggest milkers each have one baby on them, one to no fault of her own, the other because she refused to raise one of them. That means I get about two gallons in the morning and maybe a gallon at night.

We culled out our flock of Anconas over the winter and now have what Wally McSwain refers to as the “fabulous five,” they lay five eggs a day like clockwork – want any duck eggs? They’re particularly fabulous given they’re from the fabulous five. We’ve got fifteen young ducks coming up but 10 of them may go on to another home.

The rabbits are doing well. All of the Silver Fox will be gone hopefully this week when I put a batch in the freezer then we just have American Chinchillas. I like them a lot better than the SF for a lot of reasons, but primarily because they seem hardier.

I’m closing on on my bachelors degree. One more course to go. Finished two courses over the weekend and received an A in each of them. I’ve decided on a masters degree program. Originally I was going to stay in the University of North Carolina system, however, the types of degrees available online are limited. I was told of a program offered by Prescott College in Arizona – it’s a dual MBA/Sustainable Food Systems degree. Now if that isn’t right up my alley.

Maybe I can learn to better market my products – I know how to do it – I just need to get my butt in gear. Maybe today will be the day except I’m already behind the eight ball on getting the paper done due to the time change.

Until later …