Masks and Hate

My view from the milk stool is about the current situation with the Delta variant and the new CDC mask recommendations. Last year, things got a bit ugly with the shut down and mandatory masking. It troubled me greatly. While it’s been nice to have a break from the anti-masking verbiage, I thought that things opened up awfully quickly and that this may spell trouble. It seems that may be the case.

It’s a bit frightening, to me, that a virus could be so disruptive of our society – that it could bring out so much hate.

Not related to the virus, but to hate, I peaked at the comments on a CNN posting on the Capitol police officers’ testimony yesterday. It was appalling. There was comments like, “oh poor babies.” Huh? Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line, as they did that day, to protect the public. Instead of thanking them, there’s ugliness spewed. What happened to the support the blue campaign?

I expect these same people would have made ugly comments on a posting about a police officer being held accountable for brutality.

Looking at comments on Facebook is like lifting up a log or a rock in the forest. You don’t know what’s going to be underneath it – a snake, a bug, or something else.

Now with the CDC’s newest recommendation, I’m afraid of what will happen. There’ll be more ugliness I’m sure. Every school in the area has removed mandatory masks. I listened to the comments made at the Gaston County school board meeting and thought to myself, what are they going to say if masks are made mandatory again?

It won’t be pretty, I’m sure.

Until later …