The magnificent zucchini plant

My view from the milk stool is on the garden. I usually milk the goats out faster than they can finish their grain so while they finish, I multi-task and water the garden or harvest. I have a huge bowl of tomatoes that need to be roasted for tomato sauce, two MASSIVE zucchini that need to be shredded, some will be frozen and some will be made into zucchini.

I also have three prime size zucchini that I’m going to make this recipe with if not today, then tomorrow.

I planted a giant pot of basil that’s slated just to make pesto out of. I’ve already made one batch and froze it in ice cube trays to be used over the winter. I love pesto and for some reason never get the basil harvested before it goes to bloom. I planted a ton of basil in the garden and it’s gone to flower and the pollinators love it and that’s all fine and good.

Then there’s the one magnificent zucchini plant. It’s a Cocozelle zucchini and despite my lapse in removing squash bug eggs, it’s survived. I water it good every other day and kill any squash bugs that come up from the ground (squash bugs don’t like water) and darned if that one plant doesn’t keep producing. I’ll be saving seeds from this plant for next year.

The 15 buckets of tomatoes performed magnificently and I’ll never put tomato plants in a conventional garden again.

The burgundy okra got away from me so I’m going to harvest those pods and dry them for seeds for next year. This will be my first year saving seeds.

While the garden wasn’t a perfect success this year, it did quite well. It’s an improvement over most years and I’m happy with it. It’s given Wally and I some pretty good meals.

On the agenda today and tomorrow, in addition to putting a paper together and two phone interviews, is the recipe below, pesto, zucchini shredding and zucchini bread, ricotta cheese, fig ricotta cake and peach goat cheesecake. Wally and I ought to eat really good.

Wednesday morning is rabbit processing. Agh. I’ll have six gorgeous rabbits available towards the end of the week if anyone wants one fresh. These are a heritage breed of rabbit and have been raised with the utmost of respect and care.

Until later …