A couple of images

Cian, photos taken today by the Hickory Daily Record Photographer (using my camera) (note the maniacal look in his eyes in this photo):

Fern, photo taken yesterday by me.

Sheep, photos taken today by the Hickory Daily Record Photographer (using my camera):

Quickly, Cian is working like he was when I first got him.  It’s going to take time for him to settle and get his head back where it needs to be.  Essentially he was over-running, over-flanking and just plain silly.  It’s okay, he’ll do fine.  He seems happy to be back.  I know I’m happy to have him back.

Fern worked incredibly today.  She has been able to fetch and then drive out through drive panels, essentially without really knowing her flanks yet.  She’s taking control of her sheep on the drive and marching on like a trooper.

Got to run back up to the Farm to get the sheep and goats before it gets too dark.  It was overcast and cold all day today.  Not terribly conducive for being outside, but oh well.

Oh, alright, here’s one of me, unshowered, in dirty clothes (I had to crawl under a truck to get a kitten out) (not to mention this is my barn coat and barn coats are supposed to be dirty), bundled up against the cold, but it’s ME!  I laugh at people who put images of themselves on their Blogs that are either glamor shots or those taken ions ago.  I am who I am and here I am:

I might have a couple of videos to post later.  I have to look at them to see how they came out.