Milking Early

My view from the milk stool this morning is to share an experience. I had to milk early this morning and I only have a few minutes because I have to go and get first day of school pictures.

It was still dark when we went out. The goats were a bit disturbed – they like routine. The first two that usually come in got broken up and one goat who’s quick to take advantage of anything she can, snuck in out of turn.

No matter. As long as I have two goats on the stands, that’s all I care about.

The crickets were deafening! It was cool. The best part about it, besides it being cool, was we woke the flies up. They’re usually all over me while I’m milking. I think fly spray has become an attractant because it doesn’t work.
The flies were out, but for the most part, they stayed off me, the goats and the milk stand.

Many days I think about having to go out and milk and feel exhausted thinking about it, but in reality, it’s a routine. It’s producing a product that Wally McSwain and I make good use of. A few other people are lucky enough to get some too – you could be one of those lucky ones if you ask. It’s something that people have been doing for ions – keeping dairy animals for their milk.

There’s people who have issues with this practice and I understand that. I do things differently than a lot in that I don’t take the kids off their mothers except for 12 hours at night. I share the milk their mothers produce. Because these animals have been bred to give more milk than their ancestors, they can do that. I give them the best possible food and environment that I can. I treat them with the utmost of kindness.

It’s all a good thing and I may start milking earlier from now on. Photo taken by Wally this morning.

Until later …