On writing

My view from the milk stool this morning is about writing. I honestly don’t know how my skill for writing came about. When I had the option through a Federal program to go to school to get an Associate’s Degree for free, I jumped on it. This was after I had been laid off from my job as a commercial real estate paralegal. 

Not knowing what to do, I chose photographic technology. To this day I don’t know why they allowed me to do that because to be gainfully employed as a photographer is tough.

While in a photojournalism class, the teacher had a photojournalist who worked at the Charlotte Observer give a talk. He said if we could write and photograph, we were golden. I took that to heart.

I got my first photojournalist job at a small newspaper the year I was to graduate from the program. I did both write and photograph. To get a job at a local newspaper to just photograph was not going to happen.

So here I am today, six years later. Still writing and photographing. At first, writing a news story was hard, but I figured it out. Now it’s reasonably easy.

Today, in this MFA program – my writing is being challenged to the max. I’m not entirely sure how the workshop project came into play where I’m writing about my experiences with Border Collies, but what I do know is that it’s bringing up a lot of emotional memories.

I’ve also been obsessing about getting a second dog. I’ve been pretty hell bent on getting a second one to work. I know that when I had Gel, no other dog would do and when he was gone, I was left without a helping hand. Even after his death, no other dog would do. I realized I had closed my heart off to other dogs both while he was still with me and even after his death. 

It wasn’t until I resigned myself to Katie just being Katie and opened my heart for Katie to be Katie – not Gel, that I was able to start to use her in July. Now Katie’s coming on gangbusters, and I’ve been searching for a second dog to work alongside her so that I don’t have the same problem. Essentially, instead of having a monogamous relationship as I had with Gel, I plan to be really bad and have a sordid polyamorous one with two dogs.

It was frustrating looking for one and I had a lot of disappointments. Good things come to those who wait and are persistent. I found an excellent one! I’m very excited. He’ll be here by the end of October, and I’ll share more then.

Now I can stop obsessing about a second dog and live again.

Until later …