On Mercury in Retrograde

My view from the milk stool, which is long overdue as always, is about Mercury in retrograde. I’d never heard that term before. Katie and I have hit a brick wall, which started with my last lesson a couple of weeks ago now. It hasn’t gotten much better. It’s as if she forgot everything I taught her. I questioned myself – did I not spend enough time in the round pen? Did I not teach her right? Am I stupid? Is she stupid?

Then I remembered good old Mercury in retrograde – that has to be it!
No matter, work has been hell the past week. Today’s paper was worst than I can remember. I’m having a hard time refocusing on the pieces I’m working on for school. The one for the nonfiction class is perhaps troubling me the most. I opened up a lot of old wounds there and I’m afraid to go back in and add more salt to the wounds.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a bit lighter, hopefully. Waiting on Wally McSwain to fill the holes in the work area and we’ll go back in there and relearn basic skills before we go back into the larger area. Katie’s decided that she doesn’t go right. I feel pretty sure she didn’t sufficiently learn “away.” So we go back to the basics.

It’ll all be okay because no matter what happens, it’s all about the journey. If I end up on the trial field, great, if not, it’s okay. I greatly enjoy working with her and most importantly, her reaction to working and the relationship we’ve built. It isn’t about the trials or the winning, it’s about the bond that you build with the dog.

Until later …