On Monsters

My view from the milk stool this morning is about monsters. One of the classes that I’m taking this semester is called “Reading the Fantastic.” Throughout the class, we’ve read several novels. All of them fantasy, science fiction, horror, and similar genre, but throughout the class we’ve discussed the fallacy of genre. This week, we’re reading several short stories. One of them is a Little Red Riding Hood spinoff, the other is about a boxer. I’ve really enjoyed the boxer story. 

In the beginning, you think it’s a typical fantasy, horror type story with monsters. Then you realize that the monsters are the people the narrator (Mears) is fighting. Boxing is a violent sport. Mears himself is a monster. Because Mears is slowly losing his eyesight from his fights, he’s not seeing quite right, hence his visions of monsters.

This story made me realize several things. There are monsters amongst us. I had to attend a rally on Saturday for the paper. This is the first time I’ve ever felt scared or uncomfortable covering something. Who’d have thought that a group like the Proud Boys would ever find their way to Lincolnton, but it shouldn’t surprise me. There’s evil lurking everywhere now. I’m sure the men who were there in their black and yellow polo shorts are perfectly nice people in another setting, but they were concerned about their freedom being violated.

There’s evil and monsters everywhere now. Especially on Facebook and other social media. I headlined the story “Protestors rally against vaccine mandates.” I’ll be burned at stake on Facebook for calling them “protestors” because they’re insisting that they were freedom rallying – yet they were protesting vaccine mandates, mask requirements, social distancing, etc. Oh well. After last week’s hell of newspaper work not much can bother me at this point. I’m numb.

Throughout COVID it’s baffled the crap out of me why people are so up in arms about their own rights and freedoms when it comes to the common good of everyone. When did the loss of caring about your fellow neighbor happen? There was a time when people looked out for each other, but there’s been a horrid rise of people who are much more concerned about themselves and their rights than those of others. 

So, it is what it is and all I can do is to do my best to do the right thing and be kind and helpful to others. 

On a side note, Katie appears to have come out of Mercury’s influence and is working well again. Wally’s starting to make plans to start building agility equipment. I’m getting excited about doing it again. Who knows, maybe when Katie sees all the fun other dogs are having, she may be convinced to join in. She likes having fun.

Most mornings I get up at 5 and go out to walk the Border Collies. It didn’t take long for the livestock guardian puppies to figure out the routine. I first go down and close the gate that divides the pastures, so no Border Collie sneaks through and starts working sheep in the dark. The puppies get through the gate before I get down there and walk with us. That’s fine, except they’re about as tall as the Border Collies now and have no concept of space. I’ve had to start to bring a walking stick with me to prod them out of my way so I don’t trip on them.

These guard dog puppies are growing into fine examples of their breed and are doing an excellent job of consuming leftovers. On Saturday, Wally and I divided and conquered and got six rabbits processed and in the freezer within two hours. That’s a record! Usually, I have to throw away the guts, heads, feet, etc., but Katie and Jack ate the feet and tails, and the puppies were very happy to eat the heads.

I know this is gross, but keep in mind, for every animal that you eat, be it a chicken, cow, pig, etc. there’s guts, heads, feet, tails, etc. and if they can be used to nourish another being, I’m all for it.

Until later …