Thoughts on food and farming.

My view from the milk stool this morning is about trepidation. I attended an orientation via Zoom for Prescott College last night. This was just a generic orientation, the program-specific one is on Friday. School starts next Tuesday. I still wonder if I’ve made the right decision to leave the Lenoir-Rhyne creative writing MFA program for this one. 

On the surface, the MFA felt like a safe place – but it was far from that. I didn’t feel accepted by many in the program. Hopefully that’ll be better at Prescott. I think it will be as I’ll be with like-minded people.

Given just about all the writing projects I did during the two semesters at LR were about food and farming, it seems that’s where my passions are. 

It’s been a challenging and exhausting few months. To think just six months ago I had virtually just a few raised beds with nothing but weeds and some over-wintered Swiss Chard planted in them and no bee hives. Today with a dozen raised beds with food or medicinal herbs planted in them and close to 50 large pots full of food and medicinal herbs and a dozen bee hives. 

I’m back to milking my goats twice a day and have way too many rabbits. For the first time in the eight or nine years we’ve lived here, Wally and I used most of the figs our fig bush (named “Fred”) produced. Usually we eat some and the rest goes to the birds and the bugs. I have probably 40 pints or half pints of fig preserves put up. I also canned a bushel of peach preserves, chutney and soon I’ll have salsa. This is the first year I’ve done that and it feels good to put up food. I’ve canned tomatoes and cucumbers in the past, but never fruit preserves.

Yesterday I made a pot of peach barbecue beans (using Rancho Gordo Santa Maria Pinquito beans and some spicy peach preserves I made). I have probably 50 pounds of different Rancho Gordo beans in the freezer and I need to start using them up!

Did I say I have too many rabbits? We need to eat more rabbit!

A lot has happened in six months and it’s all centered around food and farming.

I think a lot about my age. Technically, I’m old enough to retire, but, most days at least, I don’t feel 62. I do love (most days) and feel compelled to continue to write for the paper. I don’t know where a master of science degree in sustainable food systems is going to take me.

I guess it’s all about the journey. Through the bees and to a lesser extent the medicinal herbs, I’ve met some pretty amazing people. I continue to meet amazing people through the paper. 

I guess I’ll just strap on my seatbelt and prepare for this wild and wonderful ride to continue.

Until later …