A Three Dog Night

I didn’t know what this term meant until I moved to North Carolina.  It was so cold last night, I kept adding dogs to the bed.  It was so cold, I had to have three dogs in the bed so it was a Three Dog Night.

It was cold, but in actuality, I was too lazy to set up another crate in the bedroom for Cian so I just invited all three dogs into the bed with me.  Esme slept in a cat crate by the bed.  Gel didn’t stay long.  He usually is the only dog allowed in the bed at night.  I could just hear him thinking to himself: “why should I share the bed with a dog I’m in a peeing competition with?”  Cian and Fern were both very happy to be in the bed, as were the cats.  I was very warm in the bed.  It was getting up that was the problem.

Gel and Cian have been engaging in some male posturing, but I am letting them work it out between themselves.  Cian is neutered, but he was neutered late so he is still somewhat “maley.”

It’s freezing.  It is just 32 degrees outside and I still need to get out to milk.  Agh!  The goats are wandering around out there wondering when I’m going to make it outside.  Soon girls …

It’s official, Marcus is going to take Esme.  I think that will be a fine home for her.  McKenzie (Marcus’ son) is a really good kid.  He’s pretty wide-open, but what better home for a Border Collie?  Marcus has sheep, goats, cattle and poultry so Esme will become a farm dog.  It will be interesting to see how she turns out as a stock dog.  I feel good about this decision.  Esme did very well up at the Christmas Tree Farm yesterday.  She played with all the children, was fine with whatever dogs came with the people, I didn’t see her act afraid of anything, she just went with the flow.  She’s at a good age to go to a new home.  I don’t think I’ll have her here until Christmas.  I think Marcus will take her sooner than that, which is fine.