On Stress

My view from the milk stool this morning (afternoon now!) is on stress and anxiety. I suffer from both greatly. I’ll go many, many nights without sleeping because of the horrific anxiety attacks I have. Some of them are so bad they drive me out of the bed. 

It’s no wonder I used to drink copious amounts of white wine. I don’t have that wine crutch anymore so I have to deal with it as best as I can.

This morning was wicked. Some things happened over the past couple of days that have had me in a tizzed up state. Wally and I went out to do errands right before lunch and I was thinking to myself, I wish I’d fixed me a glass of water to take with me with some of the Tulsi tincture that does marvelous work in calming me.

We got home and our neighbor started bringing over some amazing raised beds that he doesn’t want anymore. He texted Wally the other day and asked if we wanted them. Well, heck yes.

While we were waiting on him, I went into the garden to our Matt’s Wild Cherry hedgerow – it truly is a hedgerow now. I’ve been trying to get as many of them harvested as I can to make tomato jam out of. These tomatoes are the most amazing things in the world to make tomato jam out of. So much flavor in such a little package. They’re a PITA to harvest, but so worth it. 

Soon I’ll be harvesting green tomatoes to make green tomato chutney, but for now, I’m getting the ripe ones and there’s so many of them in there.

After I finished harvesting a bucket of them, I realized, I’m not feeling anxious anymore. If anyone doubts the benefits of being in a garden and either digging in the dirt or harvesting vegetables, they’re wrong.

I’m drinking my water now with a few drops of Tulsi tincture now, but I feel so much better.

Until later …