Slowing down …

I did some errands this morning, including getting new tires put on my car.  Gosh does it handle nice now!  I went to the grocery store and in the cheese department, I saw a small (really small!) container of artisan goat cheese.  For kicks I figured I’d try it.  It’s very strong flavored.  I very much prefer the lighter flavor of mine. I also scored some turkey thighs which the dogs and cats both love.  They were only $.99 a pound which is a bargain.  I might run back and get some more and put them in the freezer.

In addition, I picked up another round bale of hay and put it on the north side of my hoop house.  It fit perfectly! Sometimes I am amazed at my creativity!  The only thing I need to do is to put a section of fence on the pine trees behind the hay bale so no goats (or dog) can climb the hay bale and gain access to the top of the hoop house.  Now the goats can get under cover and still eat.  AT one time, the peak of the hoop was between the two pine trees.  Both the goats and Rose were climbing on it.  I pushed the right hand side flush against the fence and the left hand side is attached to a 2×4 between the two pine trees.  The hay bale blocks the north side of the shelter.  I’ll put a tarp over the top of it to keep it dry.

Here is my new goat, Penny:

Here’s Esme on her vehicle of choice:

No question who her parents are.

After I finished off-loading the hay I took the dogs for a run on the ATV.  Red was out in the front pasture seemingly looking for something so I stopped to help.  He was hunting pecans.  I spent about a hour out there with him hunting them and I now have a good-sized stash.  I think I’m going to make a honey, pecan flavored goat cheese.  I have some local honey and with the pecans it would be all locally-made.  Cool!

I spoke to the woman I got Penny from and asked her to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse on the white goat and she did.  Part of her purchase price is going to be goat cheese.  Also, my local instructor is going to give me a herding lesson for a pound of goat cheese.  Unfortunately, the weather on my days off is not going to cooperate so it will have to be next week or the week after.

I am going to go to Charlotte on Thursday for a monthly paralegal meeting (and lunch) and get my hair cut.  It will be good to catch up with my friends and to get my hair cut!  I might go ahead and drop my car off at the mechanic I was using in Charlotte and have the transmission fluid changed, then I won’t have to pay for parking while I’m there.  It’s supposed to rain on Thursday and now that I have new tires, I won’t be afraid to drive.

I titled this post slowing down because to be able to take the time to hunt pecans instead of running to the store to buy them is abiding by the slow food movement.  What better thing to add to my goat cheese but local honey and pecans?  I wouldn’t have thought of using honey and pecans if I hadn’t been out on the ATV at the same time Red was.  If I was still running the rat race being a Charlotte paralegal, I’d be missing out on a whole lot.  Right now, all I’m missing out on is money … something I can easily learn to live without.