Quick Update

I don’t have a lot of time this morning.  I have to get ready for work, milk the goats, care for the other animals, get the dogs settled and me off for work at 8:00.  Next week is going to be rough.  Monday and Tuesday 6 to 2 and Thursday and Friday night shifts (the hard part!).  I’ll survive.  Then I have three full days off which I think I’ll need.

Checked on Esme yesterday evening and she’s fitting in well with their other dogs and all in all, doing great.  I’m glad.  She’ll be a redneck farm dog in no time.

I worked all three of my dogs twice yesterday.  The first time I worked Gel, he wasn’t so great, but the second time, he was very, very nice, taking all my whistles and driving with authority.

Working Fern is like driving a Porsche.  She so quick to respond to commands.  She’s a very direct, straight on dog, much different than Gel who is more wide and open.  It’s harder to get him to come in straight.  Something I think I need to work on.  She’s like a stealth bomber and the sheep know it.  If I can get solid flanks on her, she’ll be driving a pro-novice course in no time.

Cian is getting much better.  He’s still frantic in his work, but he’s calming down.  I started a bit of driving with him and I was pleased to discover that he was willing to respond to my Cian, here, commands when he tried to go to the head of the stock.  He responded, then darted back out to try to go to the heads again, but he responded and that’s all that matters to me right now.  The next time I try driving with him I’m going to put him on a long line with a light choke chain (to prevent damage to his neck from pulling and to give me a bit more control).  He’s lost some confidence which I think will come back in time.

Well, off to drain a batch of cheese, take a shower and then get out and milk goats.  It’s quite cold this morning, but it’s going to warm up next week when it will be in the mid to high 60’s which will be a welcome change from the 40’s to low 50’s we’ve had for such a long time.