Calm, cool and satisfied …

That’s a nice feeling.  I feel good about the work I put into my dogs on Saturday.  I got up this morning and got ready to go to work, got all three goats milked, milk processed, equipment cleaned, showered, dressed and headed to work.  Work was grueling (as usual) but I got through it.  Got home tonight, put a pot pie in the oven, fed the cats, ran the dogs, milked the goats, processed the milk, cleaned the equipment, ground two rabbits for the cats, cleaned the grinder and now I’m relaxing.  3:30 is going to come early tomorrow.  I’ll have to milk at 4 in order to be able to get out at 5:30 to be in work by 6.  Two mornings of early rising and then towards the end of the week flipping to the other side of the day.  I put a small clamp-on light in the run where I milk and that small amount of light seemed to settle the goats.  They all cooperated nicely.

Now is it the animals are cooperating or I’m in a better state of mind.  I’m sure it’s the later.

I am incredibly satisfied with how my dogs are working, even Gel (who has been a creep lately).  The more I watch and learn about them, the more I learn about me.  Having Cian back is phenomenal.  He adds a new dimension to my training and household.  He’s doing great, he really is.

I should know in a few days whether Walmart is going to keep me on after Christmas.  Right now it looks good and I hope it works out.  I don’t want to have to look for another part-time job right now: I don’t want to go through the training and adjustment of a new job.  Fingers and toes (and eyes!) are crossed.

It’s going to be much warmer next week which will be a blessing.  Although I complain about going out in the cold to milk, it really isn’t that bad.  I’m moving around getting ready to milk, then when it’s time to milk, my hands are in very warm water (the udder wash) then on warm udders.  It isn’t that bad.  Oh, I’m getting close to a gallon a day from the three goats.  Cool!

Off to eat pot pie.