I woke up at midnight last night and couldn’t get back to sleep.  The alarm went off at 4 AM and I dragged myself out of bed, milked goats, fed animals and got ready for work.  It was pretty dead early on, then the crowds started coming in.  They had me on my least favorite register, the one first in line where everyone can buy tobacco products.  It’s the first register most people come to so no matter if they are getting tobacco or not, they tend to come to that register.  That would all be fine and good if I had the room to process large orders.  The bag carousel only has two sections of bags.  When a person is checking out a full cart full of items, it’s hard to do it with only two bags available.  I did a lot of lifting and stretching over the carousel to get their bags in their carts.

I’m beat.  I was going to work dogs tonight, but instead I came home and brought them on a good long run.  Some portions of the fields down below are flooded so the dogs had fun running through the deep puddles.  Just got in from milking the goats.  Need to go back out shortly and bring up the sheep.  I think I’ll use Fern for that job.  She seems to be able to head out and run until she spots the sheep.  It’s nice that she trusts me enough to head out on her own like that.

The same routine tomorrow, then off one day and on to nights the next two days.  Ten more days to Christmas …