Must start running!

Went to agility class last night. There were only two of us (the woman with the Laekenois and me) so the class moved quickly and we got lots of training time in. The instructor set a primarily jumpers with weaves course, with lots of distractions and many, many sequences that required exact timing or the dog was off course. Needless to say, we were off course quite a few times.

I got tired quite quickly and because the weather was quite warm, Gel petered out towards the end of the class too. I have to get in better shape! I could be more tired this week because I’ve been working nine+ hour days lately.

I worked at home yesterday so the dogs some extra exercise in during the day. It was great, I’d review a title package, then get up and take a quick break, review another one and take a break. Wish I could work at home more often. Towards the end of the day, my landlord’s wife came over with her Great Dane “puppy” (it is a puppy, but it’s bigger than Gel now). She had the puppy on a leash so I brought Fern out to see her. Fern didn’t react to the rambunctious puppy that was trying to stomp her (in play of course), she just kept a safe distance away. Good girl!

Fern has responded very well to the restrictions I’ve put on her. She’s much more interested in interacting with me and easily calls off the cats or other dogs. I have the delightful puppy I fell in love with back!

Late yesterday afternoon I put my A-frame back up. When I first put it up a few weeks ago, it was in a low position for training Midge and Fern and the bloody sheep tried to climb it and broke the chains holding it in place. I fixed the chains and put it up in its full height so the sheep won’t be tempted to climb it. After it was up, I sent Gel over it and Midge followed him! Good for her. I then sent Midge up over it a few times on her own. She’s so happy to do whatever I ask of her.

I got an unexpected update about the puppies in Canada. They are both doing wonderfully! I was so glad to hear about them.