Crazy cats!!!

In keeping with sharing this journal with all my critters …

The cats’ newest outdoor jungle gym is the canvas tops of my runs.  All the while I am milking they are running across the roof of the run my milk stand set up in and all the while I’m praying that the goat I am milking doesn’t spook and kick over the bucket.

This morning it was even worst.  Ted came in and decided he was going to get up close and personal with the goats.  First he got behind them on the milk stand and used an upright for a scratching post.  Then he batted at Rain’s tail.  Not getting any reaction from that he got up on the cross board that goes across the far side of the milk stand and got up towards the front of Rain to inspect what she was eating.  Luckily Rain ignored him.

He tried the same thing with Dawn, only this time, he hugged her around her neck.  Getting no reaction from the goat, he came around the other side and hugged my head and chewed on my hair.  I kicked him off.

He got the desired results with Penny.  She spooked and kicked the bucket.  Now, if I had the head holder fixed correctly she wouldn’t have been able to move as much as she did and I might have been able to save the milk.  After I finished milking I fixed the head holder for good.  It’s about time.

I also spent time around their hoop house.  The goats pulled down the piece of fence I had around one of the the pine trees to keep them from chewing on it.  I went out there with fence staples and fixed that.  Then I pulled the tarp over the top of the hay bale that provides a wind block for the north side of the hoop house.  When I get together with Wally this weekend I’m going to put a piece of fence up over the top of the hay bale (between the two pine trees) so the goats can’t climb the hay bale and get on top of the hoop house to gain access to the upper part of the pine trees.

Goats are as bad as Border Collies.  I have to make sure I stay one step ahead of them.

Off to eat breakfast and then take the dogs for a good run.

Until later …