Bird Dogs!

I’m glad Fern and Gel are such good bird dogs.  Fern in particular loves working birds.  The three new chickens that I got on Saturday haven’t figured out where to go up for the night yet.  In fact, as I was heading out to milk, I saw they were in the fenced-in area with Rose and the goats.  Luckily Rose isn’t interested in playing with chickens to death (like she does the ducks).  After I got the goats out, I sent Fern in to take the chickens out and put them back in their pasture.

As soon as I finished milking and got the milk put away, I took the dogs for a quick run (and about froze my hands off).  We brought up the sheep, put them up, got Rose rounded up and then I brought Gel and Fern into the duck pasture to put those three chickens up.  This time, the dogs were able to herd them into their nighttime pen.  Just as we got the three chickens up, the rooster ran out so I had to send the dogs back for him.  After the chickens were secured, putting the ducks up was, well, duck soup.

While I was running the dogs this afternoon, Rose took cans out of the recycle bin and strewed them all over the yard.  Tomorrow morning I’ll use Gel to pick them up for me and put the recycle bin up where Rose can’t get into it.

These dogs can be pretty darned useful.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I found where the chickens were laying!!  I got six eggs out of the nest.  Yea!  I forgot to go back there today to see if there were more and it’s too dark now.  If there are, then they’ll be frozen tomorrow.  I put one egg in the dog house that is in the duck pasture where I want them laying.  I need to mark it with an “X” so I won’t bring that in with any others.

As I write this, all three dogs are happily chewing on marrow bones and I have a split turkey breast in the oven for dinner.  It will be good to have a hot meal tonight.  The temperature is dropping steadily.  It’s going to get down to 19 degrees tonight.  I have the light under the pump house.  Can you tell I don’t like the cold?