Feeding Issues

I’ve written numerous times about feeding issues both with the goats and the dogs.  I think they have been resolved.

Goats:  I have a 10 foot long piece of PVC on the ground as well as three small litter boxes spread out in the general vicinity of where I milk.  I put some grain in all of the containers.  The goats still shuffle and butt each other some, but I think they are all able to get some grain.  If they get pushed out of one container, they can go to another and eat.  Rain and Dawn get plenty of grain because they get to eat on the milk stand.  Once I am milking the other goats, they’ll get more feed (when they need it).  So I think that problem is solved.

At least until one of the goats throws a ringer in the works.

Dogs:  I’ve been putting meat out in the AM and PM when I go out to milk.  I let Rose out when the goats come out.  Cian tends to be dominant around food so I put the meat in several different locations.  Cian and Rose eat well that way.  Fern and Gel are less likely to eat, but I’m not going to worry about that.  Last night when they came in I had a venison shoulder (that Marcus had brought over for me on Saturday) out for the cats to gnaw on during the day.   When she came in, Fern grabbed it and went into the living room with it.  I took it away from her and put her in her crate with the shoulder.  For a while she ignored it, then she dug in.  When she stopped eating, I let her out and offered it to Gel.  He too tried to eat it on the floor.  I put him in his crate with it and he went to town on it!!  He ate like I haven’t seen him eat in a long time.  Yea!

I screwed up at Walmart big time!!!  I was supposed to be in work at 5:30 Sunday morning!!!!  I had the shift written down in my calendar that I carry in my purse, but I neglected to write it on my wall calendar.  Shoot!!!  If I knew I had to be in work at 5:30 AM Sunday when Marcus called me Saturday night I would have told him I wasn’t available.

Funny how things work sometimes …

I don’t think the no-call, no-show will hurt me much because I spoke to the Assistant Manager about it and told her that I had honestly missed the day.  She said that’s what she thought as well.  That I would never not call and not show up and should I ever not show up for a scheduled shift to call me at home because there was a chance that something had happened to me.  Given that I live alone it might be a while before anyone missed me if something happened.  Like, for example, getting pinned under a king-sized mattress.  Don’t laugh!  It happened to me yesterday morning.  In my attempts to keep my house presentable at all times, I decided to put the bed skirt make on my bed.  Lifting a king-sized mattress by yourself is hard, especially hard if the bed is on wheels and moves every time you try to lift the mattress.

Yesterday was busy at Walmart.  It seemed like I got all the slow people in my line, which pissed off the people behind them.  Patience is a virtue … but apparently not so much so the last few days before Christmas.

I called the people I bought the small freezer from to see if they still had the second.  I had offered $150 for the two of them and they accepted my offer, but I decided to only get the one.  I am going to go and get more venison tonight which should completely fill up the small freezer.  My large freezer is quite full as well.  I asked if they’d take $50 for the second freezer and they said yes so I’m going to go and get it tomorrow.  I figure if I’m not using it, it can stay unplugged.  During venison season I need the freezer space and once my goats really start to come into milk I’m really going to need it.

It’s a bit warmer this morning.  At least I won’t have frozen water.  I have to be in work at 8:30 so I’ll need to milk at 7.  It’s freezing in my office though.  As I write this, my fingers feel like they are going to fall off!

Until later …