Seeing the light …

I know the days are not noticeably longer since December 21, but last night, it felt lighter.  Maybe it was because I let go of feeling depressed for being alone.

Thanks to those of you who called and wrote yesterday: you helped a lot.

I find happiness in places that other people would not (Lee, thanks for pointing that out).  The Natural World (or what is left of it) is one place.  I do think a lot of what I saw (or thought I saw) at Walmart is nothing more than perceived happiness.  Spend money on this or that in order to make someone happy … but does it work?  I’m not so sure.

I worked my dogs yesterday and that took my mind off Christmas.  Cian worked weird (he is weird) and I need to focus on trying to figure that dog out.  That’s something misfiring in his brain and I hope I can fix it.  Fern needs some oil or I need to find  a wrench that fits her to loosen her up.  She’s tight: tight moving, not flanking freely, or at least not reliably so.  Gel worked nicely.

I think I’m going to change my plans about who to use for my lesson with Kevin Evans.  I was going to work primarily Fern and Cian, but given where they are right now, I think I’ll spend 30 minutes of the lesson on Gel and then split the remaining lesson on Fern and Cian.  That could change as we get closer to the date.  I wish I could afford two hours with him.

Well, I should go and get a few things done (including draining a batch of cheese) and get ready to go out and milk.  I have to work 9-6 today and I expect it’s going to be crazy.  One more day of holiday craziness then back to normal.