The busiest day yet!

WOW!  It was wall to wall people at Walmart yesterday.  For the most part, they were buying discounted holiday items.  The holiday spirit has officially worn off and the people were quite cranky.  It went well though, well, except for the back-stabbing that was going on by the temporary cashiers who were not kept on.  They kept saying, under their breath, “I can’t believe they kept so and so …”  I felt bad for them, but to some extent, I can see why they were not kept.  I worked my tail off to stay there, never complained and I am very blessed to be staying.

Hard to believe I’m feeling blessed for being employed by Walmart.

I took some pictures of the cheese making process and will post them later on.

It’s going to be cloudy with temperatures only in the mid 50’s today.  Tomorrow it’s going to be warmer but raining.  I’ve been going through ways to keep mud from being tracked in by the dogs and I think I’ve come up with a solution.  My house is actually facing backwards.  The true front of the house is facing the pond that is in the back.  It has a small porch off the entrance that was completely screened in for the previous owners’ cats.  There is no entrance to this porch except for a small cat door which is about three feet off the ground.  There are stairs leading to the opposite side.  I think I’m going to put a dog-sized door on that side and move my bedroom crates into that room.  When it’s muddy I can bring the dogs in through that door, put down towels for them to walk on and load them right into crates until they dry off.  That room, which I call the family room is right off my bedroom.  I can crate Fern and Cian there most of the year at night rather than in my bedroom.  It’s a bit tight in my bedroom with two crates on the floor.  They’ll be close enough to me in the family room so I can hear if they have to go out.

In the summer, all three dogs are going to be crated in my master bedroom.  This is to avoid the possibility of ticks coming off the dogs and laying eggs in my bedroom.  This happened this summer and it was miserable!  I will put a strip of double stick tape in the doorway so that any ticks that escape off the dogs will remain in the bathroom where I will have a better chance of finding them and disposing of them before they can lay eggs.  Too many hiding places for ticks in the bedroom.  Except for a brief time with Cian, fleas are not a problem for the dogs or the cats.  The cats don’t get ticks.  That’s interesting because they spend more time in the tall grass than the dogs.

I tried to use Frontline Plus this summer, but it didn’t work.  The ticks are too bad in my area.  I do have a different spray to try next summer, but I don’t have high hopes for it.  What I am hoping is that eventually my dogs will become less desirable to ticks by continued exposure without use of chemical.  Continually using tick (and flea) preventative is only leading to more resistant ticks (and fleas).  I am going to try to keep my dogs out of the tall grass even if that means I’ll have to exercise them on the road when the back fields are grown up.  I can get up early and run them off my bicycle which will kill two birds with one stone.

I wrote my hosting company this morning to see when he might have time to bring in my newer posts so I can go back to my normal location.  I figured out why I was unable to do it myself and I feel better now knowing that it wasn’t because I was a computer idiot.  There’s a size limitation to files that I can import myself.  The data base from this journal is beyond the size.  Too bad the error messages I kept receiving didn’t tell me that …

Well, my fingers are freezing off being in my office and I need to head out to milk and put the sheep down into the back pasture.

Until later …