I think too much …

I think and analyze too much … but maybe that is a good thing except of course when it interferes with my sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that when she was younger, Fern used to over flank, just like Cian is now.  Male dogs usually mature a lot slower than females.  Fern no longer over flanks.  She walks in straight as an arrow, except when she has to flank, then it’s a beautiful square flank.

So, the game plan today is to take the sheep down into the back pasture with Fern and Gel, leaving Cian up.  When I’m through working Fern and Gel, I’ll come back and put them up, then get Cian.  That way he won’t stay tied to the ATV swaying back and forth like a drunken sailor.  I don’t care what this open handler said, if a dog can’t lie quietly waiting for his turn, then he doesn’t need to be out there.  I know that swaying and fretting that he’s doing while tied doesn’t help his mental state when it comes time for him to work.

Then, we are simply going to work sheep.  I imagine I am going to get a lot of leg work myself, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

I think Wally is going to go down with me for my lesson with Kevin Evans.  That will be nice: his company will be good on the ride down there and he can videotape my lesson which will be a useful tool after the lesson.  Also, Wally can help me to remember what he says.  I tend to get nervous when going for a lesson with someone I don’t know and if I’m nervous, I forget things (like which way is away and which way is come bye).

My work schedule is good this week.  I work 6:30 to 3 on Tuesday, 7 to 3 on Wednesday and 10 to 7 on Thursday.  That will give me an opportunity to work dogs today, Tuesday and Wednesday; probably not on Thursday, but I’m off Friday through Tuesday of next week and only work two days next week.  Cool!

My sourdough starter is doing its thing.  I stirred it this morning and it’s starting to smell sour.  I have the ingredients put into my bread machine ready to start as soon as the milk gets to room temperature and four quarts of milk in the pot waiting for the last quart (which I’ll get this morning when I milk) to make another batch of cheese.  My refrigerator had become a little bit too full and I found several quarts of milk towards the back of the refrigerator that I had forgotten about.  One had turned, but the rest were fine so I’m making cheese again today.  I finished a batch yesterday.

I spoke to my homeopath last night.  I had only intended to tell her I was coming to Georgia next Monday to see if she wanted to meet me there and get some cheese.  She’s part of a large local slow food movement and she may be able to get other people who may want it.  I have quite a bit in my freezer right now.  Anyway, we spent a good amount of time on the phone.  She said I sounded good and was pleased with my progress on the Selenium.  It’s been quite a while since I last dosed with it and I believe it is still holding.