After a lot of consideration, I have decided to offer Midge for sale to someone who is active in USBCHA-style herding. That’s what I bought her for. The accidential breeding pushed me back into agility and now that I’m there, I realize it is a much better fit for me. While Midge would make a fine agility dog, it’s stock work that she is more suited for.

Gel is well on his way to becoming an awesome agility dog. I’ll still do some herding competition with him, but not in USBCHA. In order to compete at the USBCHA level, you need access to a good trainer. I have to drive three hours one way to get to a good trainer. I simply cannot do that. I can get to three different agility instructors in an hour and a half or less. It’s much less wear and tear on all concerned. If I wasn’t driving an hour each way to and from work, I might be more willing to travel on the weekend. My commute to work isn’t going to change.

I want Midge to be doing something that she is comfortable with, which is stock work. We’ll see what comes of it. I am not going to sell her to just anyone. She may end up staying with me which is fine too.

Three of the five puppies have now turned on to stock. That’s a good thing. What will come of it, remains to be seen.