A great day!

I spent most of the day today with Wally.  First we went for breakfast, then went back to his house to pick up a spare microwave (mine died earlier this week).  We went out and checked on the sheep.  No new lambs, but I enjoyed hugging the two that were born on Tuesday.

A man was supposed to come out this morning to look at Esmeralda and Sunshine and he was supposed to call me on my cell phone when he hit Highway 321.  That would give Wally and I enough time to get back to the house before he got there.  When 9:00 rolled around and he hadn’t called I told Wally we had better head back because I was willing to bet he took my cell phone number down wrong.

He did.  Our timing was perfect though because as soon as I got into the house to find his five voice mail messages on my home phone, he had just pulled into the service station not far from my house.  I got him the rest of the way to my house.

I had quoted him a price for one goat with a reduction in price if he bought the two.  He said he wasn’t able to afford the price for the two ($120) and was going to take just the one for $75, but Wally said to go ahead and let him have the two for $100 (which was what he said he could afford).  The man used the goat milk for health reasons so I feel sure he’ll take good care of them.  The other man who was interested in Esmeralda (the one with such horrible living conditions for his animals) was using the milk to feed calves.  The two goats already belonging to the man who came out today were not due to kid until May.  Esmeralda and Sunshine are due in March.  Until they freshen, he’s going to buy milk from me.  He will meet me on my way to Statesville every other week when I go to get rabbits and buy two gallons at a time.

We loaded up the goats and off he went.  Esmeralda tried to climb into the cab of his truck before we could get her loaded.  I think she was ready to go home with him.  I am very glad now to be down to just four goats.  That is a much easier number for me to manage and I am happy with the ones I kept (even Rain).

After he left Wally and I went to get grain (for him) and straw (for me) and then went to his house to off-load the grain.  Then we went to the man’s house that had the horrible living conditions for the chickens and goats (he was the one that wanted to trade 15 chickens for Esmeralda).  I really liked the chickens I got from him earlier and figured I’d put the money I got from selling Esmeralda into a few more chickens.  I got four for $20 this time.

Then we went to a local store that is a combination hardware/grocery/convenience store because my memory was that they had nice chicken.  I bought a little bit of chicken, but the big find was some Amish-made rolled butter (instead of sticks it’s in the form of a big jelly roll).  I can’t wait to use that!

After that stop we went back to Wally’s house to put the chickens in a dog carrier (it was getting warm and we had originally caught them and put them in a grain sack which they would have over heated in), let Wally’s dogs out in the back yard then went to a barbecue restaurant for lunch.

Then we came back home, off-loaded the straw, chickens (Fern was very happy to get new chickens), groceries, etc. Penny (one of my newer goats) had been climbing up on one of the round bales of hay and jumping over the fence so between the two of use we managed to roll it away from the fence so no more escaped goats.  We also did a few minor repairs to my hoop house.

While out on the ATV a week or so ago I found the metal roof of a large piece of machinery.  It is essentially a table.  I dragged it out of the woods and thought the goats would enjoy climbing on it.  So Wally and I took his truck down there to get it.  While on the way Wally noticed in the woods a pile of pipes made from terra cotta.  I didn’t know they ever made pipes from terra cotta, but apparently at one time, they did.  I had been collecting broken clay pots and breaking them up with a sledge hammer and strewing the pieces at the foot of the stairs entering my house as an artsy form of gravel.  There’s a huge pile of pipes down there.  I’ve already gone down with my ATV and wagon and hauled up a wagon-full of them.  What a great stress release pounding up terra cotta!

After we put the metal top in the goat pen, Wally headed home.

What fun it is to spend time with someone who enjoys doing the exact same things you do.

My cold is much better than it was yesterday.  I was extremely miserable at work and hated being there spreading my germs.  Oh well, calling in sick is not looked on well there so if I have to come in sick, I’ll bring a few more people down with me.  I am loosing my voice though so I thought working dogs today may not be a good idea.  They’ve had a pretty busy day even though I was out and about.  They ran along with the truck when Wally and I went out there and of course they went out with me on the ATV.

I’m going to call it a night soon.  The sheep have been out all day grazing on the surrounding acreage.  Yesterday before going to work, I put them up in the ElectroNet that is still up at the Christmas Tree Farm.  When I left work at 7 last night, given how cold and windy it was (and how miserable I felt) I wasn’t too keen on going out on the ATV to bring them home, but I was prepared to do so.  Was I ever elated to drive into the driveway and see the flock of sheep lying in it.  Obviously they escaped from the ElectroNet (which doesn’t surprise me) and came home when it got dark.  Good sheep!  I’m going to give them a little bit longer out there grazing then send Gel out for them and put them up.  I’ll need to use Fern to put up the new chickens for the first few nights, but they’ll get with the program shortly.  I collected five eggs today and my sourdough starter is ready to use tomorrow.

Life is pretty damned good!