Last night I thought to myself, where would I be now if Midge did not get pregnant. The weekend she got bred, a woman who was running a Patrick Shannahan clinic in Georgia had come up for a trial and stayed with me. I was stressed to the max after discovered Gel and Midge tied and this woman’s comment that she didn’t see anything wrong with the Whiterose Kep puppy that I placed with Wally and that she saw temperament issues in Midge did not go over well. As it turned out, I didn’t go to the Patrick Shannahan clinic (wasted almost $300) and that was about it for herding for me.

I was reading in an old diary this morning and the frustration I was experiencing with herding was more than evident. I truly think Midge and Gel did me a favor by producing this litter of puppies. Yes, they were a source of stress and frustration, but everything that I did for them paid off in the end.

Even though I have a long way to go with agility, the frustration factor simply isn’t there. I know I can get help with whatever training issues I have. Yes, I get upset at myself if I handle Gel in a poor manner, but I am confident I will get better in time; Gel is only going to get better in time. I do not know that I’d ever make a USBCHA-level handler.

Fern is a source of never-ending delight. She’s so funny. She learns via osmosis. I’m blessed to have her. Thank you Gel and Midge.