I think Dawn is starting to dry up.  It isn’t a huge deal because Luna is due in about a month and once her milk comes in, I’ll have more than I can use.  Penny is due a few weeks after Luna.  Dawn isn’t due until the beginning of April.

When I got Dawn, she was still milking a year old kid.  She didn’t have a lot of milk and kicked like a fiend on the milking stand.  I doubled her production and now she rarely fusses on the stand.

Rain is milking really, really well.

I stockpiled a ton of soft cheese in my freezer.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a use for it: stuffed manicotti.  You can use soft goat cheese in place of ricotta in many recipes.  Stuffed manicotti will freeze well.

The whole wheat sourdough bread didn’t come out quite right.  I didn’t realize that sourdough bread takes a lot longer to rise than regular bread so I baked it a bit too soon.  It tastes good, but it’s quite dense.  I need to get some more bread machine flour before I can try again.

I’m waiting to hear from my instructor in Salisbury to see if she’s still willing to get together today.  It is cloudy and cool, but I don’t think we are going to get a lot of rain.  My feeling, however, is that she’ll cancel.  I’ll be disappointed, but I understand.

Milking is often quite entertaining.  Between the cats running across the tops of the tarps covering the runs to watching them chase each other across the downed tree and up the living trees in the thicket across from where I milk, they usually have me smiling at their antics.  I am blessed to live in an area where I can let my cats go outside at will to run, play and be cats.

I don’t know if I mentioned or not that I have two roosters.  I bought one quite a while ago now, a beautiful red guy.  Several months ago I bought some hens off a lady who had Great Pyrenese for sale.  I went to look at the puppies, was not impressed, but did get her to sell me four hens.  Two were broody so she was glad to get rid of them.  One of the “hens” ended up being a rooster.

I was going to kill him, but I truly don’t like killing chickens.  One day I need to get over that because I’d like to be able to raise meat chickens, minimally for my animals’ consumption (if not my own).  Now that I’ve added to my flock of hens, there are enough hens for two roosters to live relatively compatibly.  The red rooster still runs off the gray one whenever he can, but it’s much calmer than it was with just four hens.

I counted my ducks yesterday.  I have ten females and two males.  I am going to add to my duck flock this spring and if these ducks do not start laying again soon, they will become animal food.  I don’t know what’s up with them.  The ducks I’ve had over the years have been prolific layers.

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  1. Julie, or is it sheepkelpie,

    I don’t want to unnaturally manipulate their laying pattern by using lights. I think that ages them quicker. I got five eggs today (not sure if they are duck or chicken) so I think they are back on track.

    Not sure what your second sentence means.

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