Kevin Evans

All I can say right now, due to lack of time and utter exhaustion is WOW!  My hour with Kevin Evans was absolutely freaking amazing.  I learned so much.

I’ll write in detail tomorrow …

Quickly though, Gel had me rolling on the ground laughing several times today.  We got there early so we took the dogs for a walk.  We came upon three very large cows behind a split rail fence.  Gel (please, please, please let me work cattle!) walked up on them and the cows just stood there looking at him.  Quick as a snake, Gel crept under the lowest rail of the fence and bit the biggest one directly on the nose!  The cows very quickly retreated.  Shit head (Gel that is)!

Dawn Boyce’s open field has lots of terraces (more like valleys).  So, she has a podium which is about three (maybe four) feet high.  I’ve never worked Gel from a podium before and even then I lost sight of him several times.  As we got to the post (podium) turn, I flanked Gel around to set up for the drive.  Instead of going around the podium, he jumped up on it, almost knocking me off in the process, quickly jumping off right behind the sheep where he should have been if he had gone around the podium.  Guess he’s had too much agility training.  I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t blow my whistle for several minutes afterwards.