Back to the real world

Well, after five days off, I had to go back to work yesterday.  It went well, except for one customer trying to come up over the counter to throw “fire balls from Hell” at me.  Three neighboring cashiers were at my side within seconds with another one on the phone for security, which was great, but it still shook me.  Security escorted the gentlemen out of the store and all quieted down but I was jumpy for the rest of the day.

When I got home I took the dogs for a run on the ATV.  As we got down into the back field where my panels are set up, we came upon a herd of about eight deer.  The dogs thought they might be able to work as a pack and bring down a few of them, but they weren’t quite quick enough.  Then we went into the far back field and found that about a third of it was under water.  I parked and let the dogs run through the water for about fifteen minutes.  They enjoyed cooling off and came out smelling like swamp dogs.