On a course towards self destruction?

Some people may very well think I’m on a course towards self destruction (there were times I thought I was.  I can’t wait to see the filthy comments I get on this post … but I’m truly not.  I’m happy and I’m very satisfied with my life.  Those people who truly know me can attest to that.  I see progress on a daily basis, not just with my dogs, but with me.  I am learning to ask for help, which is an amazing thing for me and it has made a huge difference in how I go about things.

I will always say it like it is, even if it pisses people off.  I can’t help myself.  I don’t say anything here that I wouldn’t say to a person’s face.  If I see (or read of) somebody doing something incredibly stupid (like leaving your dogs loose in the car), unethical, unkind, unhealthy, etc. if I care enough about the subject, I will write about it.  Especially if it’s something incredibly stupid.

There was a van parked in front of Wally and I while we were in Georgia with a loose dog running crazy in the car, barking, chewing, etc. because the owner was out working another dog.  That, in my opinion, is just plain stupid.  If a dog cannot lie quietly waiting his turn, then he should be contained so he isn’t a nuisance to other people and more importantly, possibly going to harm himself.  We are the caregivers of these magnificent animals and we owe it to them to own up to the job which means using the brain you were given, even if it is severely lacking in intelligence.

There are lots of stupid people in this world.  I am not one of them, far from it.  I have an innate intelligence that does not come from schooling or book reading; it comes from within.  I look at things on a far deeper level than most people and see things that other people do not.  I have the tendency to make people take their heads out from under the sand and they don’t like that.  They’d rather remain ignorant.

I’m not going to shut up and I am not going to go away.  If what I say offends you, then stay away, but I know you cannot.

Finally, the individual who has been living filthy, ill-spelled, poorly worded comments, don’t bother any more.  You have been marked as Spam and your comments will be automatically discarded.  Your time on the Internet is a bloody waste of bandwidth.

Okay, that said, back to the good things in life …

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  1. There will always be the narrow-minded non-objective responders, and some are so uptight that they get repulsive. I’ve a filter on my web journal’s Contact Author submissions to catch some of the worst language. I’ve been called most everything from a stupid old fool to a bloodthirsty Nazi 😮 over my canine articles, and I seem to have upset some other people with my “Microbes to Mankind, and Back?” article. All in a days work when one is trying to reach potentially objective minds :o)

    As to the bloodthirsty bit, personally I don’t eat that much meat, but what I eat I get from a very few reasonably local farms that raise livestock in a natural way (grass fed, free ranging, no medications, etc.). I don’t have that much of a lifetime ahead of me, so it may not make that much difference health wise, but rather out of respect for the other animals that share our ecology. For the dogs, I also take this path for their health. The Hereford and the chickens I got last Sunday for the dogs were respectfully treated livestock being “retired,” because it’s not economically feasible for these smaller more natural farms to keep them on when they need the pasture.

    Hey, if the majority of mankind were reasoned objective thinkers, we wouldn’t be destroying the Earth, our very essence, to the accelerating degree we are :o) As you seem to know, the important thing is to enjoy what we have left, and not to dwell on the irrationally of humans – that is other than a few words to ease one’s conscience :o)))

    My best to you and yours,
    (give the dogs a hug for me)
    Lee C

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