I know I have to do what I have to do as far as a job is concerned, but there are times that Walmart really tries my beliefs.  I know I am there for a reason, everything happens for a reason …

Luckily I didn’t have any customers trying to attack me.  Come to find out (those sneaky seasoned cashiers) saw that man coming and several of them closed their lines so he couldn’t come through their lines.  It seems he’s done this sort of thing before which is why they were so quick to come to my aid.

The thing we had to deal with yesterday was a lack of plastic bags.  I hate plastic bags and usually bring reusable bags when I shop.  If I don’t use bags, I use a box.  When I worked at the office, I’d frequently bring home copy paper boxes, use them to transport groceries in and then flatten them out and use them to cover my work surface when I process rabbits.  It seems the person who was supposed to order plastic bags at Walmart hadn’t done so.  Perhaps it was done intentionally, I don’t know, but we had to conserve.  Some customers (mostly men actually) were quite willing to carry their small purchases out without bags.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of customers were not willing to do so.  I cannot understand why people have to put gallons of water in plastic bags.  It’s so much easier to carry them by the handle.  There are so many things that go through the checkout line that do not need to go into bags, yet they insist on bags, lots and lots of bags.  I packed a bunch of light items into a large plastic bag and handed it to the customer.  She promptly took several things out of the bag and put them in individual bags.  I had several customers who insisted on double bagging their cold food (even though it was just 40 degrees out with a wind chill).

Don’t they know what destruction these bags are doing to our environment?  I guess they don’t care.

I got through the day and was very glad to get out of there at 3:00.

I came home to another mess.  The wind had blown down my hoop house and the rotten goats and their livestock guard dog sidekick finished the shop.  Bloody animals!!!  While I was in there trying to get it back up they were continuing to climb on it.  It was still very windy so I was unable to get it back up so I had to take it apart and toss it over the other side of the fence so they couldn’t continue to damage it.  Shoot!!!! “Shoot” is not the word I was saying while dealing with it.  Back to the hoop house drawing board.  I mentioned in my post yesterday about my new found willingness to ask for help.  While I was in this fit of rage I called Wally.  Good, old, calm, sensible Wally.  He had me calmed down and laughing in no time.  He said he’d come on Saturday and help me fix it.  I have a few ideas of how to make it less prone to wind damage (which leads to goat and dog damage).

While we were out last week I looked at a nice tarp-covered steel shelter made by Shelter Logic.  It costs a bit over $300.  I’d really like one, but I’m trying to avoid buying a shelter when there’s a chance I can make one with materials that I have on hand and for less money.  Less stuff, right Helene?

Lee, thanks for your comments.  You are so right.  How can I expect people who are contributing to the destruction of our Earth to be reasonable?  It just isn’t going to happen.  They cannot think outside the box and they cannot understand people who do.

As I was lying awake this morning at 4:00 (I need to simply get up at 4 and get it over with, that’s when my body alarm clock says I should get up), I was thinking about gut feelings.  There have been several times in my life when I had gut feelings that I should have listened to.  This post is one such case.  I so, so wish that I listened to my gut at that time because I wouldn’t be living with that mistake today.  Oh well, water over the dam.  Lesson learned.  Since then I have listened to my gut and I am glad of that.

Back to Walmart for just a minute.  Walmart is good because there’s lots of cheap stuff there, but do we really need all that stuff?  If it’s so cheap does that make it easier to just toss out when it gets even just a little bit old or used?  I think so and I am absolutely guilty of that.  I wear white cotton socks everyday.  Well, I’m not very good about separating my whites from my colors and my white cotton socks became ugly gray cotton socks.  So I bought new ones and threw away the old ones.  Stupid, wasteful person!!  I could have washed the whites separately and used a bit of bleach to whiten them.  Dumb, dumb, dumb and lesson learned.  Thank you Helene for pointing out the unstuffed Blog.  Watch this video and see if it doesn’t make you think about all the stuff you buy.  Walmart makes it easier for people to buy stuff and working there, it’s hard for me not to see that stuff and want some myself.  Time to get a handle on that.  Thanks Helene, I was very, very blessed when you came into my life.

Until later …

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  1. And thank both of you for bringing the video and blog to my attention :o) I promptly added both too my What’s Wrong page.

    Keep on getten on
    Lee C

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