I sold Midge today to a man who has a flock of approximately 100 head of hair sheep. He lost his sheep dog a few months ago (to natural causes) and needed to replace him. He has two other Border Collies, but they are both cattle dog bred and as such, would just as soon chew up sheep as herd them. I worked Midge before he arrived to look at her and thought to myself, I’m probably making a mistake by selling her, but my primary focus is no longer herding so to keep her would only result in frustration. Midge was in her glory working that morning. She’ll do well in a situation where she can work on a daily basis. The man who bought her was very kind and soft-spoken. Given that Midge is housetrained and well-mannered in the house, he plans to keep her inside rather than in a kennel. I miss her, but I think it was the right decision for all involved.

I worked Gel on sheep today as well and he worked quite nicely. Tried Fern in the small pen, but she was not interested, which still doesn’t concern me. Her brother Finn (formerly Torch) is doing very well on sheep. It may just take Fern a bit longer.