I’m thinking …

If everyone went “behind the scenes” and watched food being prepared in, say, McDonalds or in the factories that supply McDonald’s food, or went even deeper and watched how the animals that provided the meat that McDonald’s serves, were cared for, would they continue to eat there?

An interesting concept … maybe a better way to achieve weight loss than the other methods (cheaper too).  Of course, it would likely put the factory farms out of business.

Of course there’s lots of people out there who have no care for the way food animals are cared for.  I cringe when I check out the dozens of eggs that people buy at Walmart.  I hate to think of the lives the chickens who laid all those eggs lived.  It’s a very sad existence.

That said, Wally and I are going to go to breakfast today, but after today, our restaurant of choice is going to be Michelle’s place.  While the restaurant we normally go to is reasonably good, the quality of the ingredients is not what I prefer to continue to eat.  It’s cheaper to eat at home anyway.

I have a sourdough bread recipe ready to start as soon as the ingredients get to room temperature.  Hopefully this one will come out right.

Until later …