We have shelter!

Wally and I spent the morning fixing a shelter for the goats which hopefully won’t get blown down or won’t get climbed on my the goats.  Unless we get a tornado or the goats grow wings, neither is going to happen.

Wally and I work very well together and I enjoy learning how to construct things (I’m not very good at it); plus some things are just plain easier if there’s two people.  It’s extremely windy out so getting the tarps up over the shelter was challenging.  I hate the wind!  I’d like to go out and train, but I’m sort of thinking I might just stay inside.  Rain is on its way too.  I might just take the dogs for a run and call it a day; then again, I had so much fun training yesterday.

Rose and Fern got into a fight and guess who would have won?  Rose (but only because she is three times bigger than Fern).  Luckily Fern wasn’t hurt.  There’s been tension between the two ever since Rose came.  Fern is getting ready to come into heat and I think that might have triggered the aggression.  From now on, when Rose is out, Fern will be up.

Keeping Fern contained so she cannot be bred is going to be a pain.  I’d like to keep her intact for at least two more heat cycles so I can have the time to see how she turns out.  I don’t think I want to breed her, but I don’t want to spay her this young.  Granted, she’s already had a pregnancy which matures her more than a bitch who has not, she’s not even a year and a half old yet.

I don’t know what male I’d even want to breed her to.  I am going to go to Salisbury on Tuesday and meet with my instructor.  She has a friend who is coming up from Alabama (or is it Arkansas) who is an incredible trainer and judge of dogs and we are going to work dogs.  She’s bringing a dog I want to see work as he might be a possibility.  I would only breed Fern to a dog who is a true working dog (one that works for a living) or an imported hill dog.

Then again, there are enough good dogs around so that I really have no need to breed Fern.  My instructor is going to be breeding a young bitch that I really like in the next year or so.  I know she’ll be extremely careful about who she breeds her to and will raise the puppies in a proper manner.