Figured it out!

The sourdough starter must be active before you use it.  You cannot take it straight out of the refrigerator and use it.  The mixture must be bubbly.  This is a good page on the art of sourdough.  So far, it is proving to be more difficult to manage than making cheese.  There is a lot of planning involved in using a sourdough starter.

I wish I had my head together enough when Wally and I drove down to Georgia and stopped at Whole Foods to get some good flour.  In the past, I’d always stop at Whole Foods if I was down in that area and I’d almost always spend a lot of money.  I was afraid to go in now for fear of buying too much.  You can take me into a clothing store and expect I won’t buy much, if anything, but bring me into a store like Whole Foods and look out!

I thought I needed to be in work at 10:30 today, but it’s 11:30 so I suppose I should go out and work dogs for a while.  I’m feeling a bit lethargic this morning.