New Look

Given that I sold Midge, I decided I needed to do a new logo on my web site and this Blog using Gel as the subject rather than Midge. Gel and I helped Wally catch his goats and trim their hooves and tails for the last time. Wally sold all his goats on Saturday. I was very surprised at this, but he’s been talking about just keeping sheep from now on and when someone offered him a good price for his seven remaining goats, he took it. The man who purchased them won’t take them for another week or so until he finishes his fencing. Given that they are due to deliver their babies the beginning of January and the man who purchased them is a novice to goat-rearing, Wally and I decided to continue with our original plan to do the goat husbandry as a favor to the man who purchased them. I met Wally because of the goats. I started Gel on goats that I bought from Wally. We’ve become very close friends. How can you not become friends with someone whom you spend weekends with trimming goat tails, setting fence, building agility equipment or just watching Border Collies play in the pond?

The photo to the left is of Gel and a billy goat that Wally had when I first met him. This photo was taken over a year ago.

After Wally and I finished doing the goats, I took my camera and Gel out to where the sheep are and took some photos. Of the 50 I took, I only got a few that were worth keeping. I love digital photography for that reason. You can take many photographs without incuring the expense of film. I wish I had more time to take photographs as I really enjoy it. I kept the photo to the right because I love how Gel’s coat and body look in it. His coat is so glistening and silky over that muscular frame.

On stock, Gel is very much the gentleman. He asks the stock to move and gives them plenty of time before he backs up his request with teeth. One day while over at Wally’s helping with the goats, I brought Gel into the barn and the goats were carrying on stomping and snorting. As soon as he entered the barn, he bared his teeth at the goats. Crazy dog! Here he is showing his teeth to a ewe who was refusing to move. This is an older St. Croix sheep. Wally and I have decided to go ahead and sell her at this point as she is unlikely to reproduce and given the hay crisis in North Carolina, it isn’t a good idea to keep sheep who are not paying for themselves in lambs. I hate having this attitude, but it’s expensive to feed livestock this year.

It was almost 70 degrees today, it feels like spring. Wish we’d get some spring rain.