Cian Part II

I did a lot of soul searching about Cian yesterday both during the day and overnight (didn’t sleep much) and I’m seriously considering just sending him back to Wally.  For several reasons, namely why should I house, feed and train a dog that does not belong to me?  I am receiving no compensation for keeping him.  I am doing it for the dog and for my own experience.  Is that worth it?  Can I overcome his issues?

Regarding walking him with a head halter and preventing his manic running.  That’s taking the so-called Ruff Love approach (coined by Susan Garrett) and while it may be a good program for breeds like terriers or hounds, I should not have to put a working bred Border Collie in such a program.  I guess what it comes down to is that I’m a sucky trainer.

I really don’t know what to do.  It’s a difficult decision and I’m not in a very good place right now so I suppose I shouldn’t make any decisions for a while.

Regarding Rose: I went out last night to take the dogs out to potty.  You should have heard the coyotes and they were quite close!  Of course Rose was barking up a storm.  I suppose I need to learn to deal with her as she does have a purpose.  I still haven’t gone out and set my ElectroNet and given how cold it’s been, I might not be able to get the stakes in the ground.

Fern’s diarrhea his resolved and she’s eating like a horse!  I noted she’s got worms so I went ahead and wormed her today.  It is not unusual for a bitch who just raised a litter of puppies to have worms.  That could have been why she had diarrhea too.

The dogs and cats all had a good time helping me pack up the chicken yesterday.  I thought the whole chickens were going to come in a 40 pound case.  Nope, it was 70 pounds, about 30 chickens!  I got the small fryers (2.5 to 3 pounds) so they fit nicely in gallon sized zip lock bags.  Then I packed up 40 pounds of chicken livers and 40 pounds of chicken hearts in quart-sized zip lock bags.  Needless to say, my freezers are both full.  We’ll be eating a lot of chicken over the next couple of months.  This is really, really nice chicken.  It is fresh and smells good (well, as good as raw chicken can smell).  I’m sure you’ve bought chicken at the grocery store before that already had an odor to it, or turned within a day or two of buying it.  The chicken coming from this place is killed within a day or two of my getting it.  No nasty Styrofoam containers either.  Hate those things.

I discovered a really cool Blog yesterday called Farmgirl Fare.  Reading it encouraged me to ditch the bread machine and start to knead my dough by hand.  Still trying to master sourdough, but as she suggested, I think first I’ll master pizza dough and then move on to bread.

Until later …