Four Months Old

The puppies are four months old today. Hard to believe! Time has flown by.

I got a good laugh today while reading a review of the book Dogs by Ray and Lorna Coppinger in The Working Border Collie magazine. The reviewer was discussing the Coppinger’s opinions on how dogs were domesticated: they evolved as semi-solitary scavengers on the edge of human settlements. The authors paint a picture of wolf ancestors finding food sources at the waste sites of humans and the less timid individuals, those with a smaller flight distance, taking up residence there, reproducing and viola, the domestic dog evolved. The reviewer then states that this fits in with her own observations of her lazy dogs who lay around the house (they don’t have to hunt for their food) while she’s at work and are happy to see her when I return because they know they’ll get fed. Her dogs have their very own village dump in the closet where the dog food is kept.

I’m sure this isn’t how the reviewer intended her village dump analogy to be taken, but I speak along similar lines on my page on raw diet: today, most domestic dogs in the United States are eating another form of rubbish. It may smell better and come in pretty packaging, but most commercial dog food is comprised of ingredients that are considered not fit for human consumption. It is just another form of trash with artificial flavoring, color and supplements added, repackaged and cleverly marketed as 100 percent nutritionally complete. Domestic dogs today are still dining in human leftovers.

The book sounded interesting though and I may purchase a copy.