It’s 13 degrees with a wind chill which makes it feel like about 10.  Oh that’s cold!

Had a very long talk with Wally last night about Cian.  It seems he had been told yesterday morning that I was going to bring him back.  He said, no, he won’t be coming back.  I’m glad he was right on that call.

Training dogs can be exhilarating, exciting and rewarding.  It can also be aggravating, frustrating and heart breaking.  Having a dog with as much want to as Cian has and being unable to get through to him is extraordinarily frustrating.  I may not be able to get to him, but he’s better off here and Wally agrees.

I work today from 10:30 to 7 so I won’t be able to do much with the dogs.  It’s going to take extra time taking care of the animals today because of the cold.  After today, I don’t work again until Tuesday.

On Saturday Wally and I will go to breakfast and then I’ll go over and see all the new lambs.  There are quite a few.  We’ll grab some hay for my animals (who are eating a lot of hay these days) and then come back over here and set up my pen in the lower field.  It’s going to be bloody cold the next few days with one more night of extremely cold weather.  I kept waking up last night to check on the animals and making sure my pipes were still running.

4 Replies to “B-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r”

  1. I hate to tell you, but 13 is not cold compared to MN. I woke up to an air temperature of minus 29, I have no idea what our wind chill is tho. I don’t think that I want to know.

  2. But alas, you don’t live in cardboard houses or have outside, above-ground well houses in MN do you?

  3. No, no card board houses here. The only part of the well that is outside is the well head, the pump and other stuff is in our basement. It was 21 here yesterday, Sunday. I actually got out to work dogs for the first time since almost Christmas.

  4. I should take part of my comment back as I have seen some trailer homes here in MN that might pass as cardboard houses. Brrrrr.

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