We got a dusting of snow last night.  It’s pretty.  I haven’t seen snow in several years now.  I don’t think Fern has ever seen it.

Here it is almost 9:00 and I haven’t gone out to milk yet.  I think I’m still recovering from the emotional weekend.  I slept until 8:15 which is almost unheard of for me.

I left the sheep up at the Christmas Tree Farm last night and I’ll need to go up and get them when I finish milking.  They were in the one field that Gel has trouble finding them and getting them out of.  One day I’m going to set up my 16 foot step ladder on the highest point of the property I live on to see if I can see where the sheep are when I send Gel for them so I can properly direct him.  The poor dog ran his tail off trying to find them on his own last night.  I finally started the ATV and helped him.  I eventually saw them, but Gel did not so I sent Fern for them.  She’s going to be a good outrunning dog.  She can probably do the outrun required for a Nursery dog, not that I’m going to run her in Nursery except for maybe her last year at which point she’ll be three (she’ll turn three on August 7, 2010).

Cian stayed home in his run when I went out on the ATV.  I’m trying a different experiment with him.  His “running” is going to occur while working sheep in my fenced-in area.  No more working in an open field for him for a while now.  I want to see if I can channel some of that drive to run into focus on sheep.  I tried it the other way, letting him run to his heart’s content, but the issue hasn’t improved.

I am afraid, however, that I may not be able to resolve his issues: that the drive to work that I thought I was seeing is nothing more than a drive to run: that he’s simply a running fool (emphasis on “fool”).  It doesn’t matter, however, he’ll stay here, I just won’t work him on sheep.

I am planning to spend some time today watching the inauguration.  This election year is history in the making.  I’m very excited to see what Obama is able to do to fix the problems Americans are suffering with today.  Unfortunately, however, I don’t think Obama has a magic wand and that may be what it’s going to take.

I cleaned and rearranged more than half my kitchen cupboards yesterday.  That was a good thing.  I’ll finish the kitchen this AM and then go on to my spare bedroom tomorrow.

On the cat front, I’ve been speaking with a woman who has a very ill Siamese cat.  She’s been from conventional vet to conventional vet to conventional vet and I’m sure spent many thousands of dollars trying to get the cat healthy.  She finally bought my book, the grinder and all the ingredients to make a raw diet.  Luckily, her cats were happy to switch to raw (many are not), but the very sick cat is still having issues.  Granted, he’s only had a few meals of raw and was just switched to raw from one of those alphabet soup special formulas that conventional vets sell.  I forwarded her information on to my homeopath to see if she’s willing to take the case, but my gut feeling is that she will not.  It is unfortunate that so many people discover raw diet and homeopathy when they finally realize that conventional medicine is not helping the animal and may in fact be doing harm.

This morning I wrote the woman and told her that switching to a raw diet and using homeopathy isn’t about how much money you can spend or doing anything for the animal: it’s very much a mental approach, it is spiritual in nature.  You have to believe that feeding raw and using homeopathy is the answer so that you don’t fret when you don’t see immediate results (as this woman is doing) and don’t run to the closest conventional vet when you decide that homeopathy isn’t working.  Taking a natural approach to rearing takes time and commitment.  You can’t just go about it willy nilly.

The odd thing about switching cats to a raw diet when compared to switching dogs is that cats who have had nothing but soft stools for years can be switched to a raw diet and have perfectly formed stools (the Siamese I speak of above did just that).  With dogs it’s the exact opposite.  Few dogs can go from kibble to raw without having a few days of diarrhea.  I love to see one that does (Cian did) because that means to me that they have reasonably healthy digestive tracts.  Remember, dogs have been domesticated longer than cats and has such have more kibble-fed generations behind them.  The longer a species is fed inappropriate food, the less healthy future generations are going to be.

The past few weeks book sales have gone up and I’ve been getting more e-mails asking for help.  I wonder if something isn’t in the air?  Maybe the time for change?

Until later …