I love my homeopath …

Just got off the phone with her and it never fails to amaze me how good I feel when I hang up.  There have been some recent changes in my life that I am not at liberty to discuss here.  There may come a time when I can discuss them, but not now.

My homeopath switched my remedy from Selenium (which helped a bit, but not a lot) to Natrum Muriaticum which is common salt (prepared homeopathically). My case has evolved in a very classic manner. An acute injury (the finger) lead to my constitutional treatment and each change in my life (the one mentioned above) lead my homeopath to prescribe a remedy which seems best suited to the particular set of symptoms I am exhibiting at the time.  What this is doing is peeling off layers of “dis-ease” which will hopefully eventually lead to a complete cure.

Even though I have ups and downs, I am better than I was several months ago so I know homeopathy is working.

In addition to my case, we talked a bit about Fern’s diarrhea (which has resolved) and Cian’s issues.  I told her that I was frustrated with him and felt like I couldn’t make him better.  She told me I couldn’t save the world, but I told her that I also didn’t feel like I should send him back to Wally’s.  We talked about his manic running as well as his other symptoms (including peeing in his crate) and she suggested I give him a dose of Lyssin.

How interesting is it that a dog that I cannot seem to let go (even though he often drives me mad) is going to go on a remedy that in the past has done so much for me?  There are no mistakes in life, absolutely everything happens for a reason.

I spoke to the vet that I bought Penny and Luna (goats) from and we made plans for me to go out on Monday to get Onyx and Mr. Red neutered.  It’s time.  Their urine is starting to smell.

I’ve spent most of the day watching the inauguration.  It’s been interesting.  I have a loaf of sourdough bread rising in the bathroom that I make cheese in, but I don’t think it’s going to come out right (again!).  I also have a batch of cheese processing.  Soon I’ll go and make myself a meatloaf for supper.  It was the bread that helped to lead my homeopath to Natrum Muriatricum.  I told her I was having a hard time mastering sourdough and she asked why I didn’t just not eat bread.  I told her I could not, that I had to have bread, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. in my diet.

My homeopath is the best thing since sliced bread!