A missing day?

I had high hopes for getting lots of things done today, but alas, was stuck in cookbooks, on-line reading recipes and making bread.  I almost threw away my sourdough starter yesterday.  It has been sitting on my counter top for quite a few days now.  I looked at it last night, smelled it (it smelled fine), stirred it up (it bubbled) so I decided what the heck, I’ll try another loaf.  This one I did completely in my bread machine (the lazy way).  It tasted fine, but the crust was a little bit too well done.  I fed the starter after I used a cup of it so I’ll try again to make a good loaf over the weekend.  I’m jealous that my friend in Canada has mastered sourdough bread from scratch (no bread machine).  Now I’ve got to keep trying.

This morning I made buttermilk and oatmeal rolls (good for sandwiches) and a loaf of wheat granola bread (great for French toast).  I used the bread machine to knead the dough and finished both in the oven.  They are very tasty.  Then I threw together some baked spaghetti and turkey meatballs.  I was going to make chicken Alfredo using goat cheese to make the Alfredo sauce, but I wasn’t terribly fond of how the “Alfredo” turned out so I reinvented the dish into baked spaghetti.  Leftovers will be spooned into jars and put in the freezer for future use.

I cooked the chicken I was going to use for the Alfredo on the grill before it started raining too hard which I’ll use that later in the week.  Maybe a good old-fashioned dinner of grilled chicken breast, baked potato and salad. Yummmm!

Not sure where all this domesticity is coming from.  I feel like I’m catching another cold (great!) so maybe I’m trying to feed the cold.  If nothing else, cooking and baking is very good for the soul.  I didn’t have time to do much cooking or baking when I was working full-time.  It’s been chilly and raining most of the day so it has been a very good day to stay inside and cook.

I’ve taken the dogs for two runs already and will take them for one more before the day is over if the rain cooperates.  Except for Gel, the other dogs are out in their runs.  They are too cruddy to come in and out.  The only dog that got any work today was Gel moving the ewes and lambs down to the ElectroNet for the day and then pushing the wethers and young ewes out into the back pasture.  I’m pleased to see that the ewes and lambs are moving very, very well off him.  His naturally good pace is ideal for moving young lambs.

The weekend is supposed to be sunny and I hope to get some pictures of the ewes and lambs up.  We’ve got the prettiest crop of lambs this year.

Until later …