Green Gold

Due to the drought, there is a severe hay shortage in North Carolina and other southern states. Some people are shipping in HUGE (800+ pound) rectangular bales of hay from Canada, the mid-west, upstate New York, etc. They are very expensive, usually around $120 a bale. This week I bought one to keep at my house. I bought one earlier this fall and it’s at Wally’s house. The bales flake off like regular bales of hay so we flaked it off and stored the flakes in a box stall in Wally’s barn. It had become quite a nuisance to cart hay back and forth from Wally’s house to mine. First we tried plastic bags, but the hay ripped them after just one use so that was a huge waste. Then I tried plastic garbage cans, which works better, but it still is a pain and I end up with hay all over my car.

I got two large wooden pallets and had the hay placed on top of the pallets and then covered it with two heavy tarps. Hopefully that will keep it dry for however long it takes my sheep to eat through it.

This morning, I saw the cats had discovered this new “toy.” They were having a ball chasing each other under the tarps and pallets. If I had known they would have so much fun with something so simple, I would have set it up for them a long time ago.

Another great cat toy is my teeter. I recently purchased a steel teeter base. I have not mounted the board to the base, but it is set on top of the base in position. The base is set low so there’s no danger of anyone getting hurt should they go up the teeter board even though it’s not attached to the base. The cats run up it and it slams down (as teeters do). The noise makes them run off like rockets, only to turn around and do it again! Crazy beasts!

This morning I put Fern in with the ducks. She thought going around them was great fun. There was no herding involved, her tail was up in the air. That’s okay, she’s starting to show interest in movement so it’s only a matter of time before the true instinct kicks in.