Busy day

It was a very busy day yesterday and it seemed like I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to, but lots did get done.  I wonder how that is?  I went virtually nonstop, except stopping to eat, but it feels like nothing got done … but it did.

Wally and I moved hay over here, which took quite a bit of time.  I am somewhat allergic to hay so I worry about being in close proximity of it for any amount of time.  So far, so good as far as the allergies (which lead to asthma attacks) go.  I’m a little wheezy, but not bad.

We also put in a real cat door in my sliding glass door.  All along, it’s been a board with a small cat door cut into it inserted into the track of the door.  It worked, but looked like crap.  It took a bit of cutting and finagling, but it’s in and it looks great!  It’s amazing how much more light comes in through a door when there isn’t a board covering it.  The cats took a while to get used to the new door, but they are all using it now like pros.

I have Onyx and Mr. Red up in a cage so they do not disappear and not get neutered today.  The plan is to bring the buck back and run him with Rain for a week or so to see if she’ll cycle.  I hope she does.

So far, so good with the ewes and lambs.  All are doing well and Rose continues to do well with them.  Gosh, they go through the hay!  I hope Wally and I have time today before going to Lenoir to get the cats neutered to get the ElectroNet charged so I’ll have the option of putting them out in that during the day to cut down on the hay usage.

Can you believe it’s February 1?  Where did January go?

Until later …