The Solstice … when magic reinvents itself.

The shortest day of the year; the longest night of the year … I prefer to celebrate the Winter Solstice rather than Christmas. In fact, I really dislike Christmas. It is far too commercialized. People run themselves ragged buying gifts, cooking, trying to please everyone and running themselves into debt. I used to do it; I don’t any more. I have a set group of friends and family that I buy gifts for every year and that’s it. I refuse to get caught up in the insanity that is Christmas.

That said, I’m looking forward to four days off because of how Christmas falls this year! Mother Nature has decided to give North Carolina the gift of moisture. While I wish it were going to be beautiful and sunny, but I’ll take moisture any way I can get it these days.

Monty (formerly Heatwave) will be with us over the holidays. The in-laws said Monty could come for the holiday festivities, but that he had to sleep in the garage. His caregivers decided he’d be better off with me. Fern will be happy to have her brother to play with.

Monday is supposed to be sunny and I hope to be able to get out and take some photographs and maybe videos. I’d like to take some videos of Gel working the ducks. I’d also like to set my camcorder on a tripod and take a video of Gel weaving. His weave poles are now fast and furious, it’s neat to watch. I also hope to get all my expenses entered for taxes so that I can get those done as soon as possible. I usually leave it to the last minute. I don’t want to do that this year.

Lots to do and four long days to do it in!

“Midnight, and the clock strikes. It is Christmas Day, the werewolves birthday, the door of the solstice still wide enough open to let them all slink through.”

Angela Carter 1940-1992, British Author