Cat People

On Thursday night I watched a program on Animal Planet called Cat People.  It followed three top competitors showing in the Cat Fanciers’ Association cat show circuit.  I have seen it before, but had forgotten about it.

I almost threw up!!! I had forgotten how crazy those cat show people were!!!!!  One of the individuals was a woman who bred Siamese.  They interviewed her at her house during the summer months.  She still had her Christmas tree up!!  She said she started hanging the ribbons she won on it and decided it looked good so she just left it up.  She did admit that she simply didn’t have the time to take it down.  She was at cat shows just about every weekend.  She said that if the show was less than 1,000 miles away, she was there.

The second person was an overweight man who showed Himalayan cats.  The last was a couple showing Persians.  It is amazing the number of grossly overweight people who show cats.  Some of them can’t even walk on their own.  They lumber into the show hall, dragging along their load of cats and show paraphernalia on wheeled carts muttering, where’s isle blank, oh, I’m benched next to so and so, how horrible, bla, bla, bla.  It’s incredibly disgusting to watch now that I’m on the outside looking in.

I never did like cat shows.

Watching this show made me realize how horrible it is for people to be breeding animals, especially cats, for the show ring.  The Siamese the first woman was showing were the fine boned, long, lean, pointy-headed show type cats (i.e. a body form that you’d never see in a natural state) and of course the Himalayan and Persians were the good-old snub nosed, bug-eyed, excessively coated creatures that CFA just loves.  I am so glad that I saw the light and now have real cats, ones that look like and can perform like the creatures they evolved from.

Onyx and Mr. Red survived their neuters and are doing fine.  Both have shaved butts and look rather odd, but they seem to be feeling just fine.