An “oh shit!” moment

Because I was working late last night, I asked Wally if he wouldn’t swing by and put up the sheep when he got out of work.  We had done a trial run with his putting the sheep up using Gel Sunday night and all went well.  There have been times that Gel has refused to work for Wally.  In Gel’s mind, all Wally is good for is throwing sticks.

When Wally pulled up the driveway, he saw sheep on the hill in the front pasture and as he pulled up to the gate in sight of my house, there were “sheep everywhere!”  Rose was lying in the driveway and turned into a large, fluffy, white jumping bean when Wally pulled up.  She’s always so happy to see him.

Wally parked the truck and went to get Gel.  He set him up and tried to send him come-bye (to the left).  Gel just looked at him.  He tried again and Gel ran out, got a stick and brought it back to him.  Then he tried shuuuushing him around.  Nope, all Gel did was toss the stick at Wally’s feet.  Then he (Wally) got a bit irritated and said “Gel, COME-BYE!” at which point, Gel went back into his run.

I have to give Gel a little, tiny bit (a real little tiny bit) of the benefit of doubt here because I am not sure he understands redneck-speak.  Wally’s pronunciation of “come-bye” is a bit different than mine.

So, Wally got out Kessie and luckily, Kessie did all she needed to do and got the sheep up.  Of course, when Wally opened the gate to the fenced-in area, the goats got out too, but luckily the goats don’t go far when you let them out.

One of the connectors to my ElectroNet had been severed and I thought I spliced it back together properly.  Apparently not as it came apart during the day yesterday and the fence went dead.  Those sheep know when there’s no charge on the fence and as soon as they were able, they pushed it over and went out on their own.  We haven’t done a head count, but I expect everyone is accounted for.

Wally properly spliced the connector so hopefully we won’t have loose sheep again tonight.